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Madikeri: The Scotland of India

Madikeri is a beautiful tourist destination that lies between Mysore and Mangalore, two very important cities in the south of India. Also called the Scotland of India or the Kashmir of south India, Madikeri is a hilly terrain in the state of Karnataka that is full of scenic beauty. This small town is situated between misty hills and lush green forests. With miles of coffee and tea plantations in the vicinity and breathtaking natural beauty lying everywhere, Madikeri presents itself as a picturesque hill station to thousands of tourists from all over India and even abroad.

Madikeri has a rich and colorful past

The history of this beautiful small hill town of Karnataka is associated with the history of Coorg, of which Madikeri is the capital. Coorg was once a part of the mighty Vijayanagar Empire but after its fall the area was ruled by local chieftains. The most famous of these kings was Mudduraja who built a fort in the area. Madikeri is also known as Muddrajakeri in honor of this Haleri king. The hill town later came under the rule of Tipu Sultan but was later annexed to the British crown in 1834 AD.

There are many tourist attractions in the small hill town of Madikeri. The following is a brief description of the must visit places in and around Madikeri.

Madikeri Tourist Attractions


Raja’s Seat

This is a panoramic pavilion with a garden around it. Ancient kings of the Coorg spent time in this pavilion from where one can get breathtaking view of the green valley below. It is also a great place to view the magnificent sunrise and sunset in the area.

Abbey Waterfalls

Situated just 8km from the main town, these spectacular waterfalls suddenly appear in dense forest with several streams from the mountains joining and falling at a point to join the Cauvery River flowing below. The flow of the falling water is very high during the Monsoon season.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort built by Mudduraja and Omkarareshwara Temple of Lord Shiva are two other prominent places of tourist attraction in Madikeri. The place is famous for coffee and tea plantations. Those interested in trekking will find interesting trails in the mountainous region. You must not forget to visit Mysore and Mangalore once you are in this small hill town of Madikeri.


Place Details:
Madikeri, Karnataka

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12.4244205, 75.73818559999995

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