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Lalguli Falls: Fun and Relaxation Combined

Western Ghats in Karnataka rise to a height of 900 meters and provide a platform from where many streams fall down in the form of waterfalls. One such waterfall that has become very popular in recent times as a hot tourist destination is Lalguli Waterfalls near Yellapur in Uttar Kannada district.

A stream from River Kali here falls from a good height of 250 feet in a picturesque surrounding. Thousands of locals and tourists from other parts of the country come here to watch end enjoy the scenic beauty of these majestic waterfalls.

Experience the magical waterfalls in all their glory

Lalguli waterfalls are situated just 15 km away from Yellapur while Bangalore is around 535 km away from this site. If you are yearning for some thrill and excitement in the lap of Mother Nature and happen to be in a nearby area, you must pay a visit to Lalguli Falls that present themselves in a majestic way with water falling from a great height surrounded by rocky hills and lush green forest. You can have a day of fun and relaxation at the site of these beautiful waterfalls along with your friends and family.


Winter is a good time to visit Lalguli Falls

You can visit Lalguli waterfalls throughout the year but the best season to experience it in its full glory is during the winter season. Though water is more during the monsoon season, avoid this time of the year as the area is prone to landslides. Beware of leeches especially if you are here during Monsoon as entire area becomes infested with these creatures. You can not only take a dip in the cool waters of this waterfall but also go and explore the dense forest. There are facilities of river rafting and trekking in the nearby forest area. No matter what you do, you feel exhilarating as you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city din

Other places of attraction in the nearby area

There is a famous Hanuman temple in the nearby hills and a second site where you can see waterfalls. These are called Mailmane waterfalls and look beautiful to say the least. You can also choose to explore the woods and have a great day in the lap of Mother Nature. Lalguli Falls and the surrounding area is a paradise for the bird watchers and all those who are interested in trekking.


Place Details:
Lalguli Falls, Near Yellapur, Karnataka, India

Distance From (in kms)

14.963894, 74.70590590000006

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