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Kalhatti Waterfalls: Mesmerizing Scenic Beauty

Kalhatti Falls are beautiful falls situated 10 km away from the famous Kemmanagundi hill station in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Western Ghats rise up to a height of 900 meters to provide a platform from were several streams fall rapidly in the form of waterfalls. Kalhatti is one of the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls of Karnataka that has become a hot tourist destination. Kalhatti falls are situated in a place called Kalhattipura. This is a pace also famous for a Shiva temple called Veerbhadreshwara Temple.

Water falls in a cascade over elephant carvings in the Shiva temple

There are stories that link this waterfall to the times of the sage Agastya. The Shiva temple in this area was constructed during the times of the Vijayanagar Empire. If you happen to be in Chikmanglur or Kemmangundi, you must not forget to pay a visit to these picturesque waterfalls. Water falls from a height of nearly 122 meters from Chandra Drona Hill that overlooks the Shiva Temple. Water from the waterfalls falls over the statue with the heads of three elephants in this Shiva temple and locals believe that this water has the ability to cure various ailments.

Kalhatti Falls

Trekkers come here in hordes besides pilgrims

Kalhatti falls see a huge influx of devotees of Lord Shiva during an annual 3 day fair that is organized in the month of March. However, apart from these pilgrims, this place is also very popular among trekkers who get a lot to explore and trek in the area that is full of hilly areas having thick vegetation. These trekkers are able to get breathtaking view of the entire area along with Kalhati Falls as they climb up the mountains.

You can come to Kalhatti Falls from different places

The nearest railway station is Birur which is a Taluk in Chikmanglur district. Kalhatti falls are just an hour’s drive from Birur though they are 180km away from Mangalore that has an airport. Distance from Bangalore to these waterfalls is only 245 km.

Kalhatti waterfalls are beautiful and provide relaxing moments in the lap of Mother Nature. You can plan a picnic for a few hours in the area containing these waterfalls or you can plan to stay overnight as there is accommodation available in the form of a guest house made by the horticultural department of the state government. Other places of tourist attraction in nearby area are Hebbe Falls and of course Kemmangundi hill station.


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Kalhatti Waterfalls

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