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Tourist Paradise – Hampi

Hampi in the state of Karnataka is a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO. It is a culturally rich destination for the traveler whose interest lies in ancient history. Not only does it fascinate us with its sacred monuments, but the architecture is equally awe inspiring.

Situated at the southern banks of the Tungabhadra River and with the Virupaksha Temple at its center, Hampi dates back to being the capital of Vijayanagara Kingdom.


Hampi History

Hampi stores some rich antiquity in its heart. Apart from the fact that Hampi was the center of Vijaynagara from1343 to 1565, as per popular belief it was also a part of Mauryan Dynasty, in 3rd century BC, then ruled by Emperor Ashoka . This fact is based on the remnants found in Bellary.

This rural settlement is dominated by the famous mythological stories linked to Lord Virupaksha (Shiva) and Lord Hanuman. Though Lord Virupaksha is the soul of Hampi, Lord Hanuman equally contributes to its religious history dating back to Kishkindha period. Thus Hampi is also popularly known as Kishkindha-shetra.


Places to visit in Hampi

There is no dearth of sites for a tourist in Hampi, rather one can choose from over 100 locations in sight-seeing:

  • Virupaksha Temple: Devoted to Lord Shiva, this temple dates back to 7th century AD and is one of the most ancient among all.
  • Vittala Temple: One of the architectural landmarks of Hampi, This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  • Remnants: Filled with memorials, engraved relics and prehistoric edifices, the river bank forms a magnificent site for the tourists to explore.

Apart from these major attractions, there are many other temples and locations which decorate Hampi with their presence, such as, Krishna Temple, Hemakuta Hill, Queen’s Bath, Lotus Mahal, elephant stables, Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary and so on.

Festivals of Hampi

Hampi Carnival in the first week of November is the predominant carnival, showcasing puppet shows, music events, sports, such as, water sports and much more. Diwali is celebrated in a majestic way, followed by Phalapuja festival in December at Virupksha temple, then Purandaradasa Aradhana in January, Virupaksha Car Festival in March, and so on. One can enjoy the festivals if the visit anytime between October to April.

Food and Amenities

You will be served with the best of South Indian delicacies as a part of their tradition; however, one can also enjoy the likes of western dishes. So if you’re a fan of idli, dosas, or a traditional South Indian Thaali, you are in for a treat!

As a tourist you will not miss on the essential services, such as a telephone, internet café, travel agents, drug stores, or the likes.

Hampi, in short, is a tourist paradise, whether you are from India or abroad, which warmly welcomes you to captivates your senses with its ancient heritage and the tranquility. So why not a short trip to Humpy!


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Hampi, Karnataka, India

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15.333333, 76.46666700000003

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